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Terms & Conditions

Article 1 Contents of Technical Consultancy Service

 1.1 Whereas Client desires to obtain the technical consultancy service of from Consultant and Consultant has agreed to perform such services.

 1.2 The Scope of Technical Services is defined in Appendix 1.

 1.3 The Time Schedule for the Services is shown in Appendix 2.

 1.4 The Manning Schedule is described in Appendix 3.

 1.5 Consultant shall complete the Services within__________months from the Effective Date of this Contract and furnish the final technical service report, including drawings, designing documents, all kinds of standards and photos, within____months. Consultant shall keep aware, free of charge, Client of the latest development of similar projects and any progress made in order to improve the designing of the project.

Article 2 Both Parties' Responsibility and Liability

 2.1 Client shall furnish to Consultant the pertinent data, technical service reports, maps and information available to him and shall give to Consultant the reasonable assistance necessary for carrying out of his duties. Particularly Client shall nominate a general representative who shall be available at reasonable time.

 2.2 Client shall assist Consultant with the responsible authorities for obtaining visas, work permits and other documents required by Consultant to enter the country and to have access to the Site of the Project. The above expenses shall be borne by Consultant.

 2.3 Consultant shall furnish a sufficient number of competent personnel to perform its obligation hereunder, in addition to those personnel specifically listed in Appendix 3. All personnel employed by Consultant in carrying out the work shall be exclusively Consultant's responsibility, and Consultant shall hold Client harmless from any claims of any kind by Consultant's personnel arising out of any acts by Consultant or its personnel in connection with the work performed hereunder.

 2.4 Consultant shall provide Client all the technical technical service reports and relevant documentation within the Scope of Technical Services and within the Time Schedule of the Time Schedule for the Services.

 2.5 Consultant shall assist Client'S personnel in his country in obtaining visas and in arranging lodgings. Hotel and boarding expenses shall be borne by Client. Consultant shall supply to Client'S personnel office space and necessary facilities as well as transportation.

 2.6 Consultant shall be responsible for and shall indemnify Client and his employee in respect of injury to person or damage to property occurring in connection with the services, to the extent that such damage or injury directly results from negligence of Consultant's personnel while engaged in activities under this Contract.Consultant shall be liable only to the work under this Contract. 

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