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Payment Terms




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Payment  Terms

1. Price   ( ex-work )

Unless otherwise agreed, the prices shall apply ex works. All prices quoted are exclusive of Value Added Tax, delivery, packing charges and insurance and are accurate at the time the order is made. Prices of products do not include import duties in countries where these are applicable

Prices for individual items of an offer are only valid upon if a full order is placed for this offer. The prices confirmed in our order confirmation shall apply only if the agreed upon order quantity is accepted.  If after the contract has been concluded there is a change in the taxes or other outside costs included in the agreed price or if new ones emerge, the Supplier ( ICstock.net.cn / ShenZhen NetChip Co.,Ltd) shall be entitled to alter the price correspondingly. On request, the Supplier ( ICstock.net.cn / ShenZhen NetChip Co.,Ltd) shall provide evidence of this cost increase.

2. Payment Terms

Payment instructions are set out on the invoice,  We ( ICstock.net.cn / ShenZhen NetChip Co.,Ltd) ask for prepayment for first-time customers or specific countries.For frequent customers , the payment terms can be discussed and decided by agreement from bothside!

3. Bank Charge

Unless otherwise agreed, payment must be made without any deduction to the Supplier’s account. Payment must be made in such a way that the amount in full is at the Supplier's account on the due date. The costs of the payment transaction shall be borne by the Customer (Purchaser).









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