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Quality Warranty




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As a complement of standard terms and conditions, ICstock.net.cn(NetChip Tech Limited) provides 12 months quality warranty for all the parts offered. This warranty applies to the individual or entity (important buyer) to buy the products, and meet the following conditions:

1. Cycle
ICstock.net.cn(NetChip Tech Limited) ensure that all products in 12 months from the date of delivery in accordance with the manufacturer in its data released the specifications listed in the table. 

2. Return products
The buyer must provide the following quoted under this guarantee the rights of return:
(a) Within thirty (30) days notice in writing to apply for return;
(b) The claim by the buyer are defective products;
(c) The buyer need to provide detailed failure report, confirm product defect;Defective products have traceability. ICstock.net.cn(NetChip Tech Limited) Reserves the right of independent third party inspection and test for the product, to verify the defects.                 

(d) The conclusion from the third test party is the final basis for buyer to carry out the right of quality guarantee.

3. Remedial measures
The only remedies under this agreement, and in its discretion are:
(a) Repair the parts;
(b) Replace the defective products according to the description on the original contract, don't need the buyer's expense;
(c) Refund to buyer.

4. Transfer
12 months quality guarantee applies only to the original buyer, without prior written consent obtained from ICstock.net.cn(NetChip Tech Limited) shall not be transferred or assigned.

5. Exclusion
This guarantee shall not apply, and explicitly exclude, is for the buyer's negligence, misuse, or do not agree with manufacturers recommend the use of the product of product failure. Product failure in critical security or other applications can be reasonably expected to lead to personal injury, loss of life, or serious damage to property, using bad in this application is in the buyer's risk. This guarantee is unwell, and explicitly ruled out products, including the third party inspection report has been provided to the buyer. These products are from the date of delivery is the warranty period of 30 days.

6. Circumscription
This guarantee is not liable for any loss or damage of any kind of, is responsible for, including but not limited to by accident or inevitable, punitive or exemplary damages. In addition, ICstock.net.cn(NetChip Tech Limited) does not assume the product is responsible for the return, with losses, rework or manufacturing cost, data, stop loss, buy substitute products, loss of revenue, loss of profit, customer churn, or any loss or damage the reputation of the associated with the damage.

7. General
To invoke this guarantee the rights of the buyer shall timely and full payment of full invoice reflect in the description of the returned products. ICstock.net.cn(NetChip Tech Limited) reserved to modify, cancel or terminate the collateral and/or its terms and conditions, at any time, and in his right to decide. Any such change, cancel or terminate as of the date of purchase of products shall not accept or belongs to this guarantee. This is guaranteed free again sales, middlemen, dealers, importers and exporters or prohibited by law area is invalid. In the description of products returned by the buyer under this guarantee invoice terms and conditions of these terms and conditions of any conflict, these terms and conditions shall prevail.







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