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The liquid crystal display giant came to see the former life in Beijing

Published : 2017-12-06 10:51 | Views : 3339

Before 1993, Beijing was not the name, but the Beijing tube factory.According to the data, Beijing electronic tube factory is one of the first enterprises to develop liquid crystal display technology in China. In 1981, it has been successfully tested in tn-lcd LCD screen.In April 1993, the mixed ownership of Beijing jingdong electronics group co., LTD., wang dongsheng chairman and President.Here's an example of what to do with the embedded panel.

The liquid crystal display giant came to see the former life in Beijing

China showed giant is starting from this, and in the next twenty years, a miracle, at the same time, also led the Chinese display industry step by step towards the powerful, even has the ability to fight against Japan and South Korea, to a great extent improve the Chinese lack of "screen" and "core" status.Arguably, the history of Beijing is the best chronicler of China's industrial history.

Beijing's rapid development has opened the way for expansion across the country

Since establishment, the boe in was miraculously achieved profitability, since then, Beijing Oriental entered the first five years of rapid growth, and in the fifth year, Beijing Oriental conveniently listed with the sustained high growth performance.

On June 10, 1997, jingdong successfully realized B shares on the shenzhen stock exchange.It issued 115m shares at hk $3.08 per share, the name of the stock and the transaction code of Beijing Oriental B (200725), and the total amount of funds raised amounted to RMB 350 million.Beijing east became the first company to issue B shares in Beijing.

In December 2000, according to the needs of development, jing dongfang issues A share of A shares in shenzhen stock exchange, the name of the stock and the transaction code is Beijing Oriental A (000725), with A total financing of 9.7 billion yuan * *.Jingdong has become one of the few company A and B listed companies in China.

The liquid crystal display giant came to see the former life in Beijing

After the ipo of A and B shares, jingdong ushered in the first five-year golden period of steady growth from 1998 to 2002.The main business group is the main business group, which is based on the principle of specialization and intensification, the strategic and dynamic adjustment of product structure, production layout and organizational structure.

In January 2003, for $380 million, boe bought south Korean modern electronic LCD business (including 2.5 generation lines, 3 lines and 3.5 generation lines), which makes every boe's ninth largest in the world of LCD panel makers.

In June of the same year, Beijing announced a $1.2 billion investment in the construction of a 5 generation line (1100 x 1300mm glass substrate) at the yizhuang economic and technological development zone in Beijing, which was made in May 2005.On August 7, 2003, the company paid hk $1.05 billion for a stake of about 26.36 per cent in TPV technology in Hong Kong, taking a controlling stake in the world's second largest monitor supplier.

After completing a series of overseas mergers and acquisitions, Beijing has rapidly cut into the LCD panel industry.Chip and LCD is two big mainstream in today's information industry core technology, among them, TFT - LCD is the threshold of the typical double intensive capital and technology industry, China's enterprises lack of core technologies and experience in this field, and on the money, LCD is referred to as "money machine".

High investment and slow investment return cycle to enter the LCD industry enterprises to undertake the high risk, the risk in the met in 2008, the global financial crisis is worse, this year, destroy the LCD market profit cycle, Beijing Oriental into loss, the loss actually happened in 2015.

But what is surprising is that the loss-making capital of Beijing has started to expand aggressively, continuing to mount a "liquid-crystal storm" of the 6th generation line of hefei and the 8.5 generation line of Beijing yizhuang.

The liquid crystal display giant came to see the former life in Beijing

In March 2008, the second TFT production line in the east of Beijing, chengdu 4.5 generation line construction, total investment of 3.4 billion yuan, to October 2009 official mass production, April 2010 to full production.The small size LCD screen is mainly used for mobile multimedia terminal.

On April 13, 2009, a total of 17.5 billion yuan of beijing-orient lines were planned to break ground in hefei.On November 17, 2010, the mass production of hefei 6-generation line was achieved, and the design of the monthly production could be 90,000 tablets, mainly cutting 18-37 inch TVS and computer monitors.

On August 31, 2009, the 8th generation line of Beijing Oriental (adjusted for 8.5 generation line) laid the foundation for the yizhuang development zone in Beijing, and the total investment reached 28 billion yuan.The 8.5 generation line has no essential difference between the process and the 6 generation line, but the process is more difficult.

Since then, the road of expansion in Beijing has not stopped, and with the continuous development of the display industry, it gradually began to build up the high horse generation line.According to my incomplete statistics, since 2003, there have been 11 production lines.

Started in 2009, Beijing Oriental horse frequently high generation lines, of which 8.5 there are four generations of line, in addition to above a 8.5 generation line in Beijing, after that, in hefei boe, chongqing, fuzhou also successively built a 8.5 generation of line, among them, the chongqing investment, the biggest is Beijing Oriental layout is an important part of the country.

Beijing east walks into chongqing to help chongqing to realize industrial cluster

In 2012, the investment of 2012 BOE, 8.5 generation of TFT - LCD production line in the chongqing liangjiang new area of soil and water industrial development zone, the project design production capacity of 120000 pieces of glass substrate/month, use to indicate (BOE) ADSDS superhard and Oxide TFT screen technology, main products including notebook computers and television display module.

The project in pile foundation construction in October 2013, July 2014, the main structure of cap, main building completed in December, March 11, the first piece of lighting products, created a product from the pile driving construction to light only takes 16.5 months of industry in the fastest speed.

According to liu xd boe technology group chief operating officer, 8.5 generation new semiconductor display devices and systems project in chongqing, is Beijing Oriental achieve regional market differentiation strategy of division of labor and product separation, preempt the strategic high ground in the field of new display important layout.

The liquid crystal display giant came to see the former life in Beijing

The project put into production, of course, in enhancing the strength of boe, expand the scale of production, make the product more cost advantages, and further enhance the strength of the LCD panel industry in mainland China.

After the boe, more of the upstream and downstream enterprises to form a complete set, to the nearest followed in chongqing, such as empty, sumitomo chemical, eastward 17 companies, involving display precision injection molding, precision stamping in the photovoltaic industry, optical film, back light, guide plate, polaroid, electronic materials, such as bulk gases industry chain is the key link.

In addition to the 2014 investment in the trial production of lebaoko, the two new zones will be formed in the next two years to create a cluster of hundreds of billions of high-end display industrial clusters, according to the officials of the management committee of the two rivers.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Beijing Oriental group, a project of chongqing smart service line projects have been started last year, the project mainly produces LCD TV, monitor and car display terminal products, such as planning capacity is 10 million units (sets) a year.

In addition, Beijing Oriental adhering to the "independent innovation, independent technology" development philosophy, established the semiconductor display technology research and development center in chongqing, covering an area of 7000 square meters, the key technology research and development of semiconductor display industry core, as the core technology and the transformation between key products to provide strong support.

From building the production line to build intelligent factory, to research and development center, Beijing Oriental deepening step by step in the layout of chongqing, the move also significantly promote the research and development of manufacturing industry of chongqing to raise the level of innovation for chongqing's automobile, equipment manufacturing and other traditional manufacturing industry can draw lessons from the template.

And chongqing has its own advantages of the policy, geography, transportation, human to provide generous enough development space, boe has attracted numerous other smart manufacturing industry in chongqing, in both resources complementary and mutual fusion, eastern chongqing will also help Beijing get a bigger development.Finally, we look forward to the stronger chain reaction of Beijing to chongqing, and also the hope that chongqing will become another intelligent manufacturing base and bring more perfect services to the enterprises.

Above is about - LCD in the embedded giant The incarnations of the boe related introduction, if you want to know more information, please attention eeworld, eeworld electronic engineering will provide you with more complete, more detail and updated information.



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