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Qualcomm disdained huawei hardware first

Published : 2017-11-30 22:04 | Views : 3261

Recently, huawei with the industry's first artificial intelligence (AI) Mate 10 mobile chips, but cut a swath, as mobile chips, qualcomm, quickly responded, said it would increase investment in the field of AI.At the same time, giants like samsung and apple are also constantly beefing up their deployment of AI in their own way.
But in the field of AI, development and changes very fast, so the hardware requirements are very high, need to have the ability to constantly adapt to, at the same time, the optimization of software is also a key, the hard and soft coordination in the process of competition, the company focused on software level.
Although at the competitive level, huawei's first step in AI hardware, in other words, is actually huawei's desire to get rid of qualcomm's dependence on chips as soon as possible.For qualcomm, the next nature of NPE is hardware, which is the launch of dedicated AI mobile chips.It is still unknown when qualcomm will be released, but qualcomm is not worried about huawei's AI chip.
According to professionals, the industry outlook for AI chips is still very optimistic, with some forecasting that the global AI chipset market will exceed $12.2 billion by 2025.And China's new generation artificial intelligence development plan predicts that by 2020, the domestic intelligent computing chip market will reach 10 billion yuan.


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